The Dog Scene at Manning Park, Hamilton Hill

This park is a gem of a place and I’m sure not many people know about it. It’s a great place to spend time with your family or walk the dog. There is plenty to do where you can picnic on the wide-open grassed areas, a playground for the kiddies and the Azelia Ley Museum you can visit, however it’s only open on Sundays between 1.30 and 4.30pm. There is also the Manning Steps you can climb up to get a great view of the coast and the Darling Scarp.

Visiting the park one Sunday I was lucky to come across loads of people walking their dog – a favourite place for those living close by. Dogs can only be on leash but no excuse not to take your dog for a good walk around the many pathways surrounding the grassed areas and Manning Lake.

Manning Park, Hamilton Hill

Manning Park is at the end of Phoenix Road in Hamilton Hill/Spearwood. It is considered as part of Beeliar Regional Park. It is surrounded by native flora and fauna and sits on a limestone ridge. The park is open from 7am to 7pm every day.

For me this is a great place to photograph your pooch and family. With the lovely grounds surrounding the homestead and outbuildings these make great backdrops to a photo shoot, and with the added bonus of the trees and green grass helps to add variety.

To find out more about this park, you can visit:

Now come and meet some of the people and their pets who I met, who love coming to the park …

Rob and Archie his gorgeous Maltese/Dachshund dog
Meet three gorgeous senior dogs, Chilli, Shady and Chess, they all had a mind of their own. The little Chihuahua was a little charmer and just wanted a cuddle. There is a forth dog but would not join the group. He will be in the next photo.
Here he is! I am hoping I’ve got the names right … I think this one is called Chuffy??

Oh my god, I could not resist this gorgeous opportunity to speak to the owner, Vicki, and take photos of her dog, Molly, who is a Maltese x pomeranian. Vicki loves her dog and the reason why Molly is pushed in a pram and wears socks is to protect her from bee stings. She is allergic and could die if she gets another sting. Good on ya Vicki, my heart goes out to your little pooch!

Meet Nudge the Border Collie who loves a walk in the park!
Meet Elana’s three character full dogs, Zeva, Sid and Rocko, the Chihuahua
Meet Maggie the Beagle with his owner Philip.
Manning Park, Hamilton Hill

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