Recently I did a photo session down at Shelley Foreshore. It was the perfect evening after waiting a number of weeks for the sky to clear and shine brightly. Working with Tahlia, her partner Sean and her two gorgeous pooches Banjo and Amber.

Amber is very old but is still going strong. She is a little sweetheart. Tahlia says she has been her shadow for most of her life, is a little princess but can be quite a tomboy as well as she loves exploring and pushing through whatever she can (doors, bushes, gardens etc). A lot has stopped now as she is 17 years old. Wow that is a good running for a little dog.

Banjo is a Terrier x rescue dog. Tahlia says she got him when he was about 6 to 12 months old. He’s a bit timid and has nearly a constant worry look, though lessened over the years. Loves a brush and never wants to be left out of attention. He’s around 12 to 13 years now but still very active. And yes he was, he really got me working that evening. Such a beautiful looking dog though, I enjoyed photographing him. Thanks Tahlia, for introducing me to your pooches, I loved every minute of it!

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