It was so good to finally meet Baxter who is a very handsome golden/white retriever pup, who is almost one and weighs around a mere 32kg. Kaarin and Paul, his favourite hoomans, booked in earlier this year when he was only 7.5 months old, however with the COVID-19 becoming more serious here in WA, we had to put the photo session on hold. Luckily for us, with WA returning back to some normality, they called me up and booked in as soon as they could. It was such a fun session photographing Baxter and Kaarin in the loveliest setting at Carine Regional Open Space parkland, and to top it off, we were so lucky with the winter weather, blue sky as well as a beautiful sunset as the sun went down – perfect!

We got in about 1.5 hours of shooting before the sun went right down before it became too dark to photograph – tis the nature of photographing outside. So as we walked around the lake in the middle of the park, there was a beautiful glow through the trees and bush. Baxter wanting to be best friends with everyone and every dog, we had plenty of treats and funny noises to help Baxter focus, so I was able to grab some beautiful shots in the time we had together.

Here’s a little bit about why they chose Baxter. Baxter is such a gorgeous natured dog and after waiting and searching Australia wide for two and a half years, Kaarin and Paul finally came across an ethical breeder. However, they were told “it would be a long wait as she only ever has two litters per dog and a minimum of two years between litters. When we were finally told we had been selected for a puppy we picked Baxter because he was the chubbiest, a little more reserved and seemed to be happy to explore and adventure on his own as much as playing with the others. From the day we brought him home he’s been the perfect pup for our home.” No surprise there!

If you are interested in Golden Retrievers and not sure where to go, here is a great place to start, rescues can be great family dogs … … and of course to find out everything about Retrievers, go here …

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