The Howson Family

Photographing an old sick dog always brings back memories of what we went through as a family with our Max. It’s not always an easy time for a family. Pets become part of our tribe and they can grow as the family grow, and if there are children they will bring so much joy and fun over the years. So here is Fergus, who is part of the Howson Family and I know he brought so much joy and fun to this family.

Fergus is a 13 year and 8 month old Lab x Kelpie. Fergus was Veronica and Dave’s first baby and has been a loyal, well mannered beautiful dog who lived a great healthy life. At the end of May, he got diagnosed with a melanoma in his mouth and was told the cancer had quickly spread and he may not make it through that coming weekend.

Since that diagnoses, he has had many ups and downs but ‘he’s been a strong boy and we’re so lucky he’s still with us.’ The boys Ashley and Oliver have only known life with Fergus and love him dearly.

I am so happy they decided to get photos of the whole family. It is a timely reminder that these beautiful animals are not with us forever. I hope the photos produced on that day will become treasured memories for them to look back on. It was an absolute delight and I feel privileged to have been able to meet Fergus and his gorgeous hooman family.

If you have a sick and dying dog, and would like some professional photos taken of your lovely pet, please call me on 0402 048 763 to discuss the possibility of a photo shoot or go to my website: and fill in the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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